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With DesignBro’s Email Signature Generator, you get the remarkable email signature that introduces you and sets you apart from the crowd. Begin by selecting the template that seems best to speak to your network. Next, provide your basic details and introduce yourself to your email network with your new and professional email signature.

It can easily be embedded with your email provider: Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and many more.

Say what you mean, tell who you are. Choose from our professional, elegant, and all-inclusive email signature templates.

An unanswered email is a missed opportunity. Not only does it snatch one opportunity, but also closes the door through which you could make a connection with the person on the other end.

DesignBro forms the bridge between you and the recipient of every email you send. With our Free Email Signature Generator, we attempt to capture an essence of you that you want to convey with your emails and turn that essence into your email signature. From a color that matches your persona to informative elements that lead the reader to your business, DesignBro wraps it up all into a signature in no time.

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Considering emails are one of the most accessible and common channels of communication, more than 293.6 billion emails are sent each day. It goes without saying, introducing yourself is not the only concern, but it is also a matter of introducing yourself in a manner that the person on the other end finds noteworthy. This power of giving an impeccable introduction comes from an email signature.s
Yes, we provide you custom email signature templates with features such as uploading images, inserting add ons, and including social media profiles for no cost whatsoever. There is no hidden cost at the end of the process. As you submit your details, you can either copy code using ‘View Source Code’ or directly copy it and paste the same in your email client’s email signature editor section.
For the first step, we suggest you finalize an email signature template from the top right corner.
Begin by providing your details such as logo, name, designation, and contact information in the ‘Basics’ tab.
Next, in the ‘Social’ tab, you can select the social media profiles you want to share via your emails and link them accordingly.
Moving on, in the ‘Options’ tab you can change colors and font styles.
Lastly, you get an option to use the ‘Add Ons’ tab to add elements such as disclaimer and banner.

Also, you can change the template at any point in the process without losing the details provided in any of the tabs.
You do not have to be from a design background to realize that elements such as color, font, and format are essential to the content; it is even more important when these are associated with your introduction as a professional. We highly recommend using a clean and professional template and being concise in your content. For instance, your job title could be abbreviated. Also, pick a color and font that matches your personal brand, using italics for real estate might not be a good idea. It would need a font that is a bit bold and authoritative color. Similarly, know your industry and select based on the same.
It is an effortless and quick process.
Begin by submitting your details and you will come across a pop-up that allows you to copy the source code.
Copy the code using Ctrl+C on Windows and Command+C on Mac and it is ready to embed.
Next, open your email client and paste the code into the email signature editor.
Yes, generating an email signature is exactly the same process on a mobile device as it is on a desktop. However, embedding it using a mobile device is slightly different.
Our designers at DesignBro considered a number of factors while designing email signature templates. While we hold our end of the deal and provide custom and professional email signature templates, here are a few things you can do to ensure your email signature speaks through its design:
Explore the email signatures of professionals you look up to and take inspiration from the same. Check with your company if they have any specifications concerning the email signature, and select the template accordingly. Pick colors that not only represent your brand but also adhere to color psychology and are targeted based on your audience.
While some consider email signature as an afterthought, we realize it is more of an introduction. Thus, we encourage you to leverage your email signature at its best by including your name, affiliation information, social media profiles, a call to action, and a logo (it could be your photo if you have a personal brand).
Yes. The gig economy has made things flexible for freelancers but it definitely has some way to go. Personal connection and reliability are certainly concerning factors for clients. Your email signature is how you introduce yourself to your freelance clients, your team members, and build solid reliability through a professional email signature. From sending your pitch to a new client to sharing quotes, your clients need to know who it is coming from.
On the design front, you can see how your email signature will look while working on the templates. However, if it is not as expected, here are a few things you can look into:

If you are using it on mobile, cross-check it on a desktop as the size and structure of photos and logos might change on some devices.
If you are using a desktop version, we suggest you switch your browser or check for updates.
Lastly, if copying the source code does not work with your email client, you can also view your email signature source code and upload it in your email client’s email signature editor section.
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