Definition: Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is when a brand effectively leverages its branding elements and it results in an extent to which target demographics recognize the brand based on these elements and other attributes of a brand. 

However, there is a common misconception that brand recognition is all about a call for attention. Whereas, it is the opposite of the same. It is when your customers are able to recognize your brand in terms of its logo design, jingles, products, customer service, and other aspects without you having to constantly bombard them with the relevant information. 

A debatable phrase: there is no such thing as bad publicity that does not mostly hold true when it comes to a brand. For instance, McDonald’s Super Size Me did not only affect Superlock’s weight but also harmed the brand in numerous ways. However, they certainly made up for it in the future. 

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Moving on from an example of what not to do when targeting brand recognition, let us move to examples where brand recognition stands in the limelight. 

  • The rounded pink and red letters font directly takes you to associate it with Dunkin Donuts. 
  • A just do it hashtag will tell you that it is Nike’s post without even having to look at the same. 

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  • A white background-based advertisement mostly reminds the viewers of a Dove advertisement. 

From personal care to a coffee company, brand recognition is everywhere, and here is why:

Importance of Brand Recognition

  • It is a fundamental step on which brand awareness stands and ultimately brings in brand loyalty. This becomes crucial not only in the current state but pays off in the long run as you plan to expand across the globe or introduce new products down the line. 
  • It reduces price sensitivity amongst your target audience. For perspective, even though Apple’s products cost big bucks, people not only buy them but have a sentimental value attached to them. This is because Apple is arguably one of the most recognizable brands worldwide. 

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  • Digitization has made it easy for customers to get every piece of information about a brand at their fingertips. Taking steps towards building strategies that help your brand become recognizable gives you a competitive advantage over other brands in your industry. 

Steps to Build Brand Recognition

The foremost thing to know about building a brand that is recognized by many is understanding that it is an ongoing process. You can not take the effort to make your brand recognizable and expect it to pay a decade from now, that is, of course, unless you keep updating these strategies with time. 

  1. You must understand your audience entirely and then find a door through which you can tell them why they need your product and how the one which you have is the best possible solution available in the market. 
  1. Reach out to them through influencer marketing and the influencer in question will not only bring in new customers but also strengthen your credibility amongst existing customers. You could do the same through brand associations. 
  1. Your product could be as excellent as they come but it would not make a difference if it is not packaged in appealing product packaging design material. Thus, it is important to focus on your design as well, that is what your customer sees before they get to the product. 

Brand recognition is often mistaken as brand awareness, knowing that brand recognition is when your customers can identify your brand, and brand awareness is an association of a feeling or opinion with recognition. 

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