Definition: Creative Automation

“Creative automation can be applied to help marketers and creatives in the industrial and manufacturing industries remain nimble and ready for anything.”

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Creative automation is the use of technology to efficiently increase content production in a shorter time. While creative automation tools make the creative process easy, it does not seek to replace high-quality creative work. Creative automation focuses on simply reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks that require low creative skills.

Creative professionals get more time to focus on creative work that requires higher skills because creative automation tools take care of the administrative aspect of creating content.

How are creative automation tools used and who needs them?

Marketers and content creators have to deal with the constant pressure of delivering customized content required in modern-day content marketing. Digital content that is micro-targeted and personalized is in high demand because it makes it easier for brands to reach the household of every customer and potential buyers. Creative automation tools make it easier for creatives to design content that is in sync with modern-day content marketing.

Creative automation can fit easily into any industry or market. If you are part of a team that produces different types of content regularly, you should embrace creative automation.

The following teams within a company should think about integrating creative automation:

Digital marketing teams

Digital marketing teams are among groups that profit from creative automation. Teams can be involved in creating various marketing strategies and high-value content without having to worry about repetitive work that brings down the efficiency of creative groups.

Design teams

It can be tedious for designers to edit a single design several times so that it fits into multiple channels. With creative automation in place, designers do not have to worry about manually creating numerous variations of a single design. 

Benefits of creative automation

Apart from minimizing repetitive tasks, creative automation has several benefits, some of which are the following:

Maintain brand consistency

Brand consistency is of prime importance when you think about fostering brand awareness. Creative automation brings consistency when you think about working on various campaigns across different platforms.

Faster localization

Localizing content according to local markets is becoming more and more important for brands. Opting for creative automation enables brands to create asset variations with ease. Furthermore, brands do not have to worry about modifying the same content from scratch to fit into different regional markets.

Apart from these, embracing creative automation helps a company achieve,

  • Three times faster production
  • Effective collaborative workflows
  • Reduced errors
  • Customers’ trust

How to use the term creative automation in sentences?

  • Brands are adopting creative automation to leverage technology to scale content production efficiently.
  • Creative automation enables brands to send relevant content that creates the right impact and attracts potential buyers.

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