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Country Thailand
Language(s) English
On DesignBro since and 6 months

I enjoy a variety of design genres but my favorite is logo design - specifically retro style and I am most comfortable with circular and negative space work.

Unsolved Studios $492
Jan 11, 2022

Adam - Very considerate and talented designer who took on all our feedback and produced a great logo!

P.A.I.N Clothing and Entertainment $199
Dec 30, 2021

DONTEZ - Phillip understood what I was looking for from the very beginning. Things only required very few peaks and the process was extremely seamless. Thanks Phillip!

Rain Hop $273
Dec 26, 2021

Fraser - Phillip able to take on my feedback and provide a logo that I am very happy with!

Dec 14, 2021

Nicholas - Phillip is very talented and really good at listening to what we needed.

Marathon Sailfish Marina $258
Dec 13, 2021

Nicholas - Phillip is talented and responsive, two excellent qualities to have in a designer.

Healing Tone Massage $105
Business Card
Dec 03, 2021

Joseph - Phillip is an extraordinary designer. He takes the time to listen and really get what you're going for. Then he takes all that talent and applies it to your concept and creates a beautiful new design.

JOISE $248
Dec 03, 2021

Johan - Philip was very professional all the way through the process. We reached a great product in the end.

Healing Tone Massage $304
Nov 18, 2021

Joseph - Phillip is an extraordinary gifted designer. I am so happy with the logo that he created. The same design brief and notes were given to each one of the designers in the contest and only Philip listened, and integrated the changes to come up with a truly unique, meaningful logo.

1520 Collectibles $150
Business Card
Nov 06, 2021

Jim - Really understood the feel we were going for. Easy to work with.

Origin X $169
Nov 05, 2021

Kun - Phillip is always responsive and helpful. He helped me go through multiple alternatives and gave me a satisfied result at the end. Thank you Phillip, well done!

1520 Collectibles $273
Oct 26, 2021

Jim - Great experience, easy to work with and gives feedback.

Bionic Ability $169
Oct 15, 2021

Mackenzie - phillip was great to work worth and was very willing and capable of covering all areas of detail to my goal for the logo

Robert Bredsteen Home Repair $169
Aug 27, 2021

Robert - responsive