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Popular designs


Designed by JJAAKK Design | Country: United States “Packaging and logo design for a gourmet chocolate shop. The classic characteristics of melted


Designed by Blue Marlin | Country: United Kingdom “‘Wonderfully unusual’ non-alcoholic adult beverage ZEO has been given a spectacular brand expression by integrated brand

Blitz Tequila

Designed by Hmm! | Country: France “Blitz is a brand that had a short lived existence in Berlin in the roaring 20s

Blossa Glögg 09

Designed by BVD (Blidholm Vagnemark Design) | Country: Sweden | Font: Bodoni “For the seventh year since the premiere for Blossa annual edition mulled

Santini for Selfridges

Designed by Purpose | Country: United Kingdom | Fonts used: Helvetica Inserat “Selfridges wanted a special chocolate, to coincide with National Chocolate