Four Pillars combined their efforts with Creative Platform, a Sydney-based branding agency, to highlight the brand’s “quality, care, and honesty.” The branding agency created simple packaging
The Perfect Fifth approached Hutton Creative Design, an Inverclyde-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would reveal the sophisticated nature of the products. The design
Good Barrel Distillery teamed up with Firstbase, a Delhi-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would highlight India’s new wave of thinkers and risk-takers. The
The focal point of the packaging design is a King Cobra sitting majestically at the center of the label. The dreamlike decors that surround the hooded
Three Ships partnered with Just Design, a Cape Town-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would focus on the story of the brand. One of
Stilly Vodka teamed up with Appartement 103, a Paris-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would establish Stilly as a premium alternative in the RTD
Red Lake partnered with Studio Boam, a Paris-based ad agency, to create packaging designs focused on highlighting the “world of the Wild-West cowboy.” The design studio
“With a design that is both vibrant and elegant, Bombay Citron Pressé is a beautiful new addition to Bombay Sapphire’s ‘Flavor Expressions’ range. As our long-standing
Sustainability is at the core of Chemistry Gin, so the design agency used a “100% Estal Pharma Wild Glass recycled bottle with 100% cotton uncoated paper

Popular designs

Fulton’s Apothecary

Designed by Dan and Dave Industries | Country: United States “Hands are an integral part of our craft. Under constant scrutiny, we set


Designed by Amore | Country: Sweden “This design cleverly combines all 25 of the Swedish counties into a cow pattern! Sverigemjölken (The

12 Inches

Designed by War Design | Country: Australia “Imagine being briefed to create striking packaging for a product named after the height of

Azeite Gallo Colheita ao Luar

Designed by RMAC | Country: Portugal “From the perspective of the harvest moon, a certain time of the day in which the

African Cola

Designed by Jupp Ernst | Country: Germany “The drink has been around since 1931 and operated during World War II with dirty