Popular designs


Designed by Chris Trivizas | Country: Greece “HARTOBALOTOF ™ was inspired by the riots that took place in Athens on last December


Designed by Pearlfisher | Country: United States “Pearlfisher has created the brand for the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip. In a drinks

San Cosme

Designed by Savvy Studio | Country: Mexico “San Cosme is a mezcal made ​​in Mexico and imported to Germany. Mezcal, by tradition, has been a key figure in Mexican folklore, a

Sail & Anchor

Designed by Marque Brand Consultants | Country: Australia “The Brief: the Pinnacle group tasked Marque Brand consultants with extending the portfolio of


Designed by Diego Ballester | Country: Argentina “Product created and designed for the Danish market. Five is a special wine”star” that conveys the history of Chile in a unique combination of its most