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Designed by Jimmy Stones | Country: United States Thanks to Portfolio Center grad Jimmy Stones for sending in his project for the

Turbo Flyer

Designed by Tait Design Co. | Country: United States “I’ve always loved vintage toys and wanted to take the classic hobby shop

The Packaging Of Mad Kaper Proves That Pirates Love Rum

“The visual style for the label design of Mad Kaper rums is designed in the style of pirate posters and adventure novels… the stylized illustration of an undead pirate plays the main role in the design, which embodies the name of the product and sets the whole label in light and slightly frivolous tone…”

Wamssler Grand Royale

Designed by Boon How Low | Country: Malaysia “This personal project is started because of my instant crush I had when I first had

Maldon Salt

Designed by Pearlfisher | Country: United Kingdom Pearlfisher has created the new brand identity and packaging for iconic UK salt brand – Maldon