Popular designs

Student Work – Kaylan Hufham

Designed by Kaylan Hufham | Country: United States “I decided to package Franklin Sports Ping Pong balls, because well, what college student

Ampeloeis Winery

Designed by twomatch! | Country: Greece “A number of aged wine with the names Ampeloeis Gold and Ampeloeis Silver. Two red wines,


Designed by RSC Estudio | Country: Spain “Melgarejo is a well known brand for the excellence of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Designed by Spotlight | Country: Romania “Jidvei’s owner, one of the most competitive wine producers in Romania, decided to develop a new limited

Titanic Irish Whiskey

Designed by Adam Crane | Country: Ireland “On the shores of Belfast Lough, we still recall the ship – builders and distillery