Popular designs

El Gaucho

Designed by Blend-it Design | Country: Israel “Designing a line of packaging for meat products marketed by the El Gaucho restaurant chain.

Student Work – Kristen Nethen

Designed by Kristen Nethen | Country: United States “Zen Artisan Blends & Minerals is a cultural brand that expands in the coffeehouse

LAQA & Co.

Designed by LAQA & Co. | Country: United States “We are a start-up cosmetics brand that wanted not just to stand out, but

Branding And Packaging Of Farmhouse Lab Food

The idea behind the packaging redesign was to heighten the “approachability” and attract customers and potential buyers with its “warmth and craft quality.” Plus, these new designs can enhance the look of your kitchen counter.


Designed by Markus Diebel | Country: United States Manymals is a collection of five necklaces that features wild animals which hang from