L'Oréal teamed up with the London-based graphic artist, Bárbara Malagoli, to create a compelling packaging design for Biolage. The packaging celebrates Mother Earth by depicting a
Bettina partnered with Caroline Rubik, a Cologne-based art director, to create the packaging designs for her products. Caroline's creations are in line with the company's values

Popular designs

Churchill Wines

Designed by Interbrand | Country: United Kingdom “Interbrand has refreshed Churchill Wines identity and redesigned the packaging across all its port and


Designed by Place Du Marché | Country: France Pretty cylindrical packaging for this champagne’s 150th anniversary.


Designed by Maas Design | Country: United States “Bottle and identity design for VODA – a series of flavor infused vodkas. Alcohol

Eames Century Modern

Designed by House Industries | Country: United States | Buy it “The first copies of Eames Century Modern will endure the rigors


Designed by Sequitur Creative & Thing Tank | Country: United States “We were tapped by the world’s leading manufacturer of portable ‘herbal’