To make the brand feel more premium and contemporary, the design agency selected the Twinings International wordmark to brace the packaging. Furthermore, the packaging was executed
The focus behind the packaging was to let the consumers know that Coffee Punch transcends the set boundaries of complex rituals associated with specialty coffees.
The brand refresh focuses on highlighting the simple ingredients and the mouthwatering flavors. Family (and friends) completely avoided the use of Photoshop-style images, typically associated with

Popular designs

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Designed by ILoveDust | Country: United Kingdom “Some prototype packaging for Bill’s Milkshakes. We took the the Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla and

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Student Work – Susanna Tremaine

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Jive Talk

Designed by Rethink | Country: Canada “This interactive CD package was designed for Jive Talk’s latest album ’123 Jump!’. To enhance fans’ experience with the band,