“The design represents the correlation between the dismayed state of mind and hopefulness — light at the end of the tunnel. The more upset we are,
While the packaging is simple, the complexity of the stem cross-section micrographs is breathtaking. Phyto Nectars combined its efforts with the UK-based design agency, Mid-Air Studio,
Kombucha partnered with Fin Studio, a Ho Chi Minh City-based design agency, to create packaging designs that would perfectly summarize the physical and mental balance the
Brandten maintained a minimalist approach while creating the packaging design for the coffee brand. The design house expanded the company’s first letter, “g,” to convey the
“The packaging has been designed to make their coffee bags instantly recognizable, attention-grabbing and climbing inspired in its naming as well as graphic system…”
One of the highlights of the packaging design is the use of literal and abstract illustrations. The design concept was inspired by the taste and smell
Created by Breda-based design agency 3rd Floor, the central theme of the packaging design are birds. The geometrically patterned birds with different color schemes signify the
The packaging design for the fictional East Point Coffee, created by the talented graphic artist Brett Lair, was born out of the desire to express his

Popular designs


“In 2006 EAT came back to Pentagram to ask us to undertake an evolution of their brand communication, in order to bring

Warner Edwards

Designed by Biles Inc. | Country: United Kingdom “Biles Inc. were appointed by Warner Edwards to create the brand strategy for their

ACDSleeve x Big Scary Monsters

Designed by ACDSleeve | Country: United Kingdom Tom Leggett started ACDSleeve out of necessity. After setting up a blog as a place to put

Malmberg Original Water

Designed by Grey | Country: Sweden “Malmberg Original mineral water comes from an artesian spring of prehistoric water in Yngsjö, a small village

Student Work – Wai Lun Wong

Designed by Wai Lun Wong | Country: Australia Incredible work from this third year design student from Hong Kong who is currently