Uno Café partnered with Hassan Ragheb, a Cairo-based brand designer, to create the packaging design of Uno Coffee, highlighting the brand’s premium nature. Hassan created simple
Zoetic teamed up with Jo Curtis Studio, a Melbourne-based branding agency, to create packaging designs highlighting the brand’s organic nature. Each packaging illustration is designed keeping
Vegan Isles partnered with Mamba Studio, a Mexico-based branding agency, to create a simple packaging visual system that would instantly attract customers while sitting on the
Acqua Panna partnered with FutureBrand, a Milan-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would highlight the brand's premium nature. FutureBrand based its designs around the
“The redesign of Yam Kombucha’s packaging was designed so that the label color of each of its 8 flavors would blend differently with the unique coloring
Milksta teamed up with MarkaWorks, an Antalya-based award-winning branding agency, to create packaging designs that would symbolize a mother’s love and care. Inspired by the sacrifices
Mara Coffee teamed up with Flipside, a branding agency in Bradford-on-Avon, to highlight its premium nature through the packaging design. The packaging features an illustration of
Stilly Vodka teamed up with Appartement 103, a Paris-based branding agency, to create packaging designs that would establish Stilly as a premium alternative in the RTD

Popular designs


Designed by Spear Design Group | Country: United States “Yellow+Blue = Green, as in organic wines in recyclable Tetra Paks. Spear Design

Johnny Cupcakes Firecracker T-Shirt

Johnny Cupcakes have become known for their creative use of packaging throughout the years. A fine exapmple is this limited edition firecracker

TK Food Baked Wheat Cookies

Designed by Victor Branding Lab | Country: Taiwan TK Food created four brand new flavors of their baked wheat cookies. Cherry blossom

Student Work – Andrew Herwig

Designed by Andrew Herwig | Country: United States “Captain Ahab Lager is based on the American classic Moby Dick, and its ruthless


Designed by Mundial | Country: Uruguay “Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, COOK creates meal kits that are healthy and easy to cook. Each