“Our process uncovered what was important to the founders and to their prospective customers, and emerged with a distinctly compelling brand, catapulting the roaster into a

Popular designs


Designed by Designers Anonymous | Country: United Kingdom “Zest is an all-natural range of pasta sauces and pestos with nothing to hide. The

Gourmet Settings Høverkraft

Designed by Monnet Design | Country: Canada “To introduce Gourmet Settings’ bold new line of Høverkraft dinnerware we decided to highlight the

Student Work – Joana Costa

Designed by Joana Costa | Country: Portugal “After a search of the origin of tea, including the legend of it’s origin came

Newfoundlander’s Rum

Designed by Brandever | Country: Canada “For well over a century, Newfoundland’s fishing fleets have traveled to the southern waters of the

Student Work – Anastasia Ovsyannikova

Designed by Anastasia Ovsyannikova | Country: Russia “Packaging of meat chips for teens. The flavor lineup includes: pork, beef, chicken and rabbit. It’s