Tea Backaging

Pique combined their efforts with WhatCameNext, a Sydney-based design agency, to highlight its multidimensional story through packaging redesigns. Each product was assigned a unique identity with
Created by Breda-based design agency 3rd Floor, the central theme of the packaging design are birds. The geometrically patterned birds with different color schemes signify the

Popular designs

Packaging Design: The Untold Story Of Kentucky Whiskey

“Released in collaboration with the Kentucky Black Bourbon Guild–with a bottle designed by Stranger & Stranger–The Untold Story will help write a new narrative of American whiskey, in annual “chapters,” with each iteration telling another aspect of how African Americans have contributed to the spirits industry…”


Designed by New Deal Design | Country: United States “The packaging we created for Sifteo is a playful and communicative showcase for

Alton Brown

Designed by Hampus Jageland | Country: Australia | Fonts used: FF Sari “Alton Brown is a spice range for blind and visually


Designed by McLean Design | Country: United States “When chemists at Mothers auto care created an innovative new leather care system, they

The Bible of Barbecue

Designed by JWT Brazil | Country: Brazil Some might argue that this doesn’t classify as packaging, others will say it does. Either