Tea Backaging

Pique combined their efforts with WhatCameNext, a Sydney-based design agency, to highlight its multidimensional story through packaging redesigns. Each product was assigned a unique identity with
Created by Breda-based design agency 3rd Floor, the central theme of the packaging design are birds. The geometrically patterned birds with different color schemes signify the

Popular designs

Leu Wine

Designed by Die Medienagenten | Country: Germany “Tradition with a new face: Godfather at the naming of the trademark wines of the

Under Your Skin

Designed by Robot Food | Country: United Kingdom “It’s cool to get a tattoo and now it might be just as cool

Notio Olive Oil

Designed by The Comeback | Country: Greece “Notio Premium Extra virgin Olive Oil  is the first of a series of products under the


Designed by Sociedad Anónima | Country: Mexico “The Santanera Group, based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, produces this “special” mezcal deep in the heart of

Elements of Islay

Designed by Specialty Drinks | Country: United Kingdom “The Elements of Islay, a new range of Single Islay Malt Whiskies, draws its