Tea Packaging

Popular designs

Manzoku: The Ghostly Bento

Designed by Ghostly International | Country: United States “For Ghostly International’s hundredth release, we wanted to commemorate the occasion with something more

Better Half

Designed by VSA Partners | Country: United States “VSA Recently put on a Valentine’s day exhibition in collaboration with NYC based artist,

Construction Technologies Australia

Designed by War Design | Country: Australia “Construction Technologies Australia (CTA) is a new force in the technical adhesive market. War worked

Crème de Santé

Designed by Streng | Country: United States “Inspired by the lines of classic glass milk bottles, Crème de Santé packaging pairs subtle

BBQ Post 401 Invitations

Designed by The Republik | Country: United States “To invite attendance at the May 13 pre-opening press party for quick-service restaurant BBQ Post