Bottled Water

Mizone combined its efforts with Everland Agency, a Scandinavian branding agency with a significant global presence, to work on packaging illustrations that would highlight the company’s

Popular designs

Osječko pivo

Designed by Manasteriotti and Maric | Country: Croatia “Osječko pivo (Osječko beer) asked us to design a winter holiday edition of their beer, packaged in

Regular Coffee

Designed by Regular Coffee | Country: United States “We are very excited about our latest venture, REGULAR COFFEE.  This startup company is


Designed by Cadena+Asoc. Branding | Country: Mexico CIELITO ® it is a Latin American reinvention of the coffeehouse experience. A place that

Clipper Teas

Designed by Big Fish | Country: United Kingdom Nice hand drawn packaging for Clipper Fair Trade teas.

Chinese Tea Box

Designed by Carlo Giovani | Country: Brazil “We decided to give to some ordinary packagesa new face based on the product inside,