“The logo and the packaging design were made to match the French culture. Inspired by the French style and art direction, the overall design was made
Designed by Giza-based graphic artist Gamal Assy, the packaging design is inspired by the brand’s pillars: “Authenticity, Responsibility, and Caring.” In addition to Redstarts birds, the

Popular designs

Earth & Vine

Designed by Moxie Sozo | Country: United States “Earth & Vine Provisions offers more than 60 different jams, sauces, dressings and beverage

London Undercover Umbrellas

Designed by Jamie Milestone | Country: United Kingdom | Buy It “As a new brand, it was important that we got the

Frisky Midget

Designed by Studio Lost & Found | Country: United States “The Frisky Midget wine labels were designed for Blackwood Valley producer Killinchy


Designed by Joya | Country: United States Fragrance box and bottle design is a rare opportunity for designers to be able to

Student Work – Andrew Capener

Designed by Andrew Capener | Country: United States “The A-1 Scrabble designer edition. The purpose of this project was to revive an