Food Supplement

Bloomy approached Marka Works, an Istanbul-based branding agency, to create packaging illustrations that could appeal to the targeted audience. The branding agency used pastel colors to
Inspired by the founder’s attractive personality, Riser created “a clean brand with attitude.” The packaging designs are uncomplicated and clearly illustrate the benefits of each product.
“We borrowed visual cues from the world of fashion – striking colors, clear space and repeating patterns are the hallmarks of a brand with style and

Popular designs

CasCIOPPO Sausage

Designed by Turnstyle | Country: United States “CasCIOPPO (pronounced: Catch-Ope-Oh) Sausage is a purveyor of fine sausage and other miscellaneous meat food

Abrau Label

Designed by Province | Country: Russia “In days of old Russian noble people used to keep monkeys for opening bottles with champagne.

O/O Brewing

Designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist | Country: Sweden “During the Spring of 2015, high-end craft brewer O/O Brewing released three new beers: A rich-in-flavor pale

Sugar Daddy’s

Designed by Leo Burnett Dubai | Country: United Arab Emirates Brief: Sugar Daddy’s bakery is famous for its unique cupcakes. Chefs are constantly inventing