Onfire took the challenge of creating designs that would communicate the unique personality of the brand. The design agency took inspiration from the brand’s forest origins,
Gazebo teamed up with the London-based branding and packaging design agency Slice Design to create compelling visual illustrations that would help the brand position itself as
“We are happy and satisfied that our chicken gets a delicious crust when cooked and our brand is after all about expertise rather than ‘absolute Frenchness.’”
The name “Bora” and the decoration on the label have been created by the children of the refugee community. The illustrations and layouts are simple and

Popular designs

French Paper Company

Designed by Charles S. Anderson Design | Country: United States “Bulk paper, ream wraps, and carton boxes are at the core of

Terrazzo Prosecco

Art Direction: Louise Fili, Design & Lettering: Jessica Hische for Louise Fili Ltd. | Country: United States | Font: Copperplate Beautiful wine


Designed by Strømme Throndsen Design | Country: Norway “A classical symbol of Norwegian invention and design. From deficit to surplus.”

Student Work – Kirill Ermoshin

Designed by Kirill Ermoshin | Country: Russia “Expedition is a shop in Russia which sells different goods for city dwellers which like to