Health & Beauty

Balance Me teamed up with the Wheatley-based design agency Maxipos to enhance its packaging. The idea behind the packaging redesign was to highlight the company ethos,
“‘Haterk’ is a village where many of the products were first produced. From Haterk, many paths have been laid in search of ecologically pure, fresh, produce

Popular designs

Student Work – Chul Lee

Designed by Chul Lee | Country: United States “The redesign of Peet’s coffee and tea is inspired by the energetic quality of

Domo x 7-11

“Domo, the Japanese stop-action character and meme celebrity, is appearing this fall in an elaborate 7-Eleven storewide promotion, and his toothy brown

Kotton Beer

Designed by Dreamerworx | Country: Bulgaria “Beer for the hard working tough guy. With no doodles, gold platings, any insignificent items whatsoever.

Gatorade Packaging Design

Gatorade partnered with Cadú Gomes, a UK-based designer, to create packaging designs to take the energy drink brand to a new level. One of the highlights of the packaging design is its shape.

COMOTÚ Fragrances

Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos | Country: Spain “The collection of mass-market fragrances COMOTÚ, designed for Mercadona, was aimed to be a