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Balance Me teamed up with the Wheatley-based design agency Maxipos to enhance its packaging. The idea behind the packaging redesign was to highlight the company ethos,
“‘Haterk’ is a village where many of the products were first produced. From Haterk, many paths have been laid in search of ecologically pure, fresh, produce

Popular designs

Prima Luce

Designed by Campoy Príncipi Domenech | Country: Argentina Nice clean work from Argentinian design company Campoy Príncipi Domenech. The typography, simple illustration,

Dashwood Playing Cards

Designed by Dashwood | Country: New Zealand A deck of cards inspired by Dashwood’s passion for typography. Each card featuring a letterform


Designed by Brandhouse | Country: United Kingdom | Font used: a modified Franklin Gothic. “Transforming a chip-shop brand into a hero brand

Student Work – Denis Carroll

Designed by Denis Carroll | Country: Ireland “A range of organic beauty products with volcanic minerals and aromatic essences. The pattern I


Designed by Antonio Dominguez | Country: Spain “The leading European in-flight catering company’s goal was to create an unbranded packaging to communicate