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Popular designs

Arctic Beer

Designed by Tank | Country: Norway “The brief: Mack’s number one-product, Arctic Beer, was changed from being a standalone product, to a

Cornish Orchards

Designed by Buddy | Country: United Kingdom “The brief was to create the new branding and packaging for Cornish Orchards, a cider & fresh juice


Designed by Barbiturik | Country: France In 2002 Rémy Hernandez had a life altering skateboarding crash which left him a quadriplegic. After a few

Chromjuwelen Motor Öl

Designed by Donkey | Country: Germany “Chromjuwelen Motor Öl, jointly conceived by MVG® Mathé-Schmierstof ftechnik and Chromjuwelen, is based on the needs

Our Farm Dairy

Designed by Nadie Parshina | Country: Russia “This small factory makes dairy production of the highest quality – without additives and preservatives,