Popular designs

Coarse False Friends Blackout

Designed by coarse | Country: Hong Kong “The set contains the cloaked noop and a pitch-black paw!, both staring into nothingness. The

Superdrug Hair Removal

Designed by Burst | Country: United Kingdom “We wanted to take away the embarrassment factor of the whole depils sector, which seems


Designed by Designers Journey | Country: Norway “Launch of french red wine from Languedoc-Roussillon with total antioxidant level  > 3mmol/100g. For this

Wiener Honig

Designed by Werner Singer | Country: Austria “Wiener Honig is a Vienna based brand specialized in producing organic honey. It was founded


Designed by Camilla Edvardsen | Country: Norway “Piquant is a premium Belgium cherry beer. Taking the best of Belgian brewing traditions and combining them with modern