Mikey Hart, Creative Director at Hulsbosch said, “This project was a welcome return to a partnership with Kimberly-Clark, which has come full circle. In 1995 Hulsbosch
Green Love combined forces with Depot Branding Agency, a Moscow-based design house, to create packaging designs that would reflect the naturalness of the products.

Popular designs

US Superfood Gr8nola Gets A New Look

London-based branding and packaging design agency Deuce Studio has added fun illustrations along with creating a flavor naming system, which adds an extra level of personality to the brand.

Glenrothes Whisky

Designed by Holmes & Marchant | Country: United Kingdom “For centuries, the folks behind The Glenrothes made blended whiskeys, mingling different vintages


Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece “The Briefing (In Brief): We have a series of materials related to construction and building. The brand’s name

TK Food Baked Wheat Cookies

Designed by Victor Branding Lab | Country: Taiwan TK Food created four brand new flavors of their baked wheat cookies. Cherry blossom