Ice Cream

Iced T combined their efforts with Athens-based graphic artist, Sophia Georgopoulou, to create designs that would highlight the best of both worlds. The minimal design approach,
Foff teamed up with the Vancouver-based design agency, Jade Ratcliffe Creative, to create the packaging design of the brand’s new line of ice creams. The black-and-gold
The packaging is “focused on direct expression, characterization, and information hierarchy.” Thanks to bold hues and attractive fonts on the packaging: the vegan ice cream brand

Popular designs


Designed by BeetRoot Design Group | Country: Greece “Beetroot design group based in Thessaloniki, Greece came up with this outcome for the

Jytte Flour

Designed by M8 Design | Country: Norway “Jytte flour is a new line of gluten free flour. Being a small business the


Designed by Identity Works | Country: Sweden “More than just the average petrol and hotdog selling roadside service stations, OKQ8 are trained

Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods

Designed by Squat Design | Country: United States “Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods launched its Quinoa-Rice-Couscous line, “superfood” mixes that combine major health