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s.he stylezone

Designed by Landor | Country: Germany “The brand agency Landor Associates in Hamburg, has developed a new brand identity for the cosmetic

Habemus Wine

Designed by La Croqueta Estudio | Country: Argentina “A project that pays homage to the first South American Pope in history. From

Vilimilis Sweets Packaging Design

The packaging is based on the idea of ‘escapism.’ The illustration of the window on the packaging depicts the inner world of a woman and her desire to escape from the mundane realities of life.

Credaro Kinship Packaging Design

Credaro partnered with Harcus Design, a Sydney-based branding agency, to create packaging labels that celebrate the partnership of two brothers and the generations of hard work put in by the family. The decorative packaging highlights the origins and the strength of the Credaro family.

Starbucks VIA

Designed by Hornall Anderson | Country: United States | Fonts: Trade Gothic, Clarendon “We were excited to again partner with our hometown