Popular designs

Salomon Exo III Calf

Designed by Petar Pavlov | Country: Macedonia “After seeing my Doritos Packaging Concept, Salomon gave me an opportunity to create a packaging

Slacks Cologne

Designed by Charles S. Anderson Design | Country: United States “Designed, bottled, packaged and sold to commemorate the publication of the first

Pikes Stout

Designed by Black Squid Design | Country: Australia “The Pikes Stout label is to reflect one of the original Pikes beer labels

Francis Coppola The Carmine

Designed by Stephen Faustina | Country: United States | Font used: Duc de Berry “In 2006 i design this bottle to celabrating


Designed by Andrea Avidad | Country: Venezuela “Colaboratorium was born as a collective of ten graduting design and marketing students. The main idea