Port Wine Packaging

Inspired by the music of the Beat generation and the picturesque setting of Douro, Volta Studio began its creative process. The colorful illustrations on the bottle
“For its new range of wines, we built a disruptive image, a tribute to Alentejo’s more genuine side, which we wanted to dissociate from the convention."
“The collection of four bottles of 10, 20, 30 and 40 years is carried in a case inspired by an old suitcase, in a clear allusion

Popular designs

Arcus Wine

Designed by Uniform | Country: Norway “Arcus Wine Brands has recently completed a redesign of its Collection Frithjof Nicolaysen wine series. The

Effen Vodka

Designed by Cahan & Associates & Arlo™ | Country: United States

Bambu Salon & Spa

Designed by Bernstein-Rein | Country: United States “This boutique getaway focuses on personalized customer experiences, so overall  branding and touchpoints create a

The Pop Shoppe

Designed by AmoebaCorp | Country: Canada “Imagine you have a new client who wants to relaunch a 1970’s Canadian icon. And not

Polevskaya Varnya

Designed by Red Pepper | Country: Russia “Beer package concepts are usually very beautiful. But in reality, the Russian’s law demands placing