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Texas Barbecue Packaging Design

Texas Barbeque teamed up with Rami Jbara, a Gaziantep-based art director, to create the branding and packaging of the fast-food restaurant. Rami created the packaging design to highlight the concept of healthy eating.

786 Perfume

Designed by Hype Type Studio | Country: United Kingdom “The Brief: To develop an identity for a luxury perfume brand which appeals

Midnight Moonshine

Designed by Shane Cranford | Country: United States “Few family recipes carry a jail sentence, but for the Johnson family it was a

Virginia Marie Lambrix

Designed by STRANGER & STRANGER | Country: United Kingdom “This is for a biodynamic winemaker in California. She described biodynamic winemaking and


Designed by Diego Ballester | Country: Argentina “Imagine a herd of wild stallions galloping over smooth, white hills, their black coats reflecting