Popular designs

Mollydooker Wine

Designed by Mash | Country: Australia “Mollydooker, slang for left handed. Both proprietors of the Mollydooker Wines brand are left handed, hence

Twelve South

Designed by Twelve South | Country: United States “Twelve South is a company that brings luxury accessories to Mac users. Our products

Svedka Vodka

Designed by ESTABLISHED | Country: United States | Fonts used: custom type, Snell Roundhand. “The new bottle for Svedka imported Swedish vodka

Rethink Table Wine

Designed by Rethink | Country: Canada “We created this self-promo campaign of “Table Wines” to showcase Rethink’s package design capabilities. The back

Student Work – Chong-Min Kang

Designed by Chong-Min Kang | Country: South Korea “The Berry Verry Paris is a trendy lifestyle dessert, which provides stress relief to