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Popular designs

Christmas Boxes

Designed by Mike Andrews | Country: United Kingdom | Fonts used: ITC Conduit “This year I am a little tiny bit poor

El Ramón

Designed by Javier López Pereyra | Country: Argentina | Buy it “El Ramón is a toy-object created by the Argentinean Art Director

Student Work – Joschko Hammermann

Designed by Joschko Hammermann | Country: Germany “In his bachelor thesis Joschko Hammermann examines the connection between the customer and a wine. It


Designed by MARK | Country: South Africa “Akdov is an ‘underground’ alcohol. Its very name is cryptic – the word ‘vodka’ spelt

Student Work – Hana Lee

Designed by Hana Lee | Country: United States Clearly, this is a student with a very bright future ahead of her. We’re