Popular designs

Chocolates With Attitude

Designed by Bessermachen | Country: Denmark “One big and beautiful box contains 12 smaller boxes and each box represents an archetype/a personality.

Student Work – Christopher Perry

Designed by Christopher Perry | Country: Sweden “Brief: Uncle Willy’s Wonky Crank Arms is a brand and packaging concept for a premium English

Good Day

Designed by Carefully Considered | Country: United States “Packaging design for a new men’s skin care line with a crisp English feel.

Changzhi Lee Portfolio

Designed by Changzhi Lee | Country: United States Changzhi Lee sent us his portfolio package that he put together to present work

Packaging Design: Sodiko’s Retro Cocktails

Inspired by the 1960s and 70s retro posters, 43’oz Design Studio created these amazing-looking packaging designs for Sodiko’s new Cocktail range. These were the decades when most of the classic cocktails we know today came into existence.