Alfredo Ortiz Catedral

Popular designs

Packaging Design Of Cannabotech

“Wanting to be recognized as the Botanical Pharmacy, Cannabotech combines the latest technology with the power of nature and modern science to provide personalized, holistic, wellness solutions…”

LCNR by Lacnor

Designed by Muggie Ramadani Design Studio | Country: Denmark Proposed designs for a vitamin juice which all share a beautiful sense of

Student Work – Thiago Calza

Designed by Thiago Calza | Country: Brazil Illustration driven student work from Thiago Calza for Galo Parade organic olive oil.


Designed by MPFXDESIGN | Country: Portugal “This package, specially designed to hold a platu and a bottle of gourmet olive oil, is

Innocent Drinks

Designed by Family(and friends) & B&B Studio | Country: United Kingdom “Innocent Drinks are launching a new range of juices in PET