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Popular designs


Designed by The Official Manufacturing Co. | Country: United States “After almost a decade of stickered coffee bags, Stumptown’s founder Duane Sorensen

Packaging And Branding: OatMade

With OatMade, the centuries-old company, Morning Food, found a way to break away from the confines of the breakfast category to ‘anytime’ food.

Johnny Cupcakes Firecracker T-Shirt

Johnny Cupcakes have become known for their creative use of packaging throughout the years. A fine exapmple is this limited edition firecracker

Student Work – Sara Böttiger

Designed by Sara Böttiger | Country: Sweden “Redesign of an Italian wine called Salice Salentino. In Sweden it costs approximately 7€, which

Askul Garbage Box

Designed by Stockholm Design Lab | Country: Sweden | Font used: Helvetica An interesting approach on waste management from Askul.