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Popular designs

Sardine Paper Clips

Designed by OTOTO | Country: Israel Fun packaging in the form of a reusable tin for Animi Causa’s sardine paper clips. Who

(rī)1 Whiskey

Mike over at Beam Global Spirits gave us a heads up on their newest product (rī)1 Whiskey. “(rī)1 is packaged in a

Not Pop

Designed by Schwartz & Sons | Country: United States “This packaging and logo program was created at Partners and Spade for a

Vonu Pure Lager

Designed by Fracture | Country: New Zealand “Objective: The packaging for Vonu Beer was developed as the core component of the brand

SQ Sommeraquavit

Designed by Permafrost | Country: Norway “Our latest design for AQ Norwegian Aquavit is called SQ Sommeraquavit. The product itself is a