Popular designs

Azada Organic

Designed by Carla Marin | Country: Spain “At Azada Organic we wanted to place emphasis on the product and its Spanish origin

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Designed by Helms Workshop | Country: United States “Bauhaus Brew Labs channels its namesake’s spirit of creativity, experimentation and playfulness in crafting


Designed by AIAIAI | Country: Denmark Packaging design for AIAIAI’s Tracks Headphone Collection for Spring/Summer 2011. “The Tracks Headphone is an award winning, supra-aural

Silver Hills Bakery

Designed by Karacters Design Group | Country: Canada “The new creative concept was prompted by an insight discovered during brand strategy development

Packaging Design: Etneco Coffee

The idea behind the packaging was to evoke the feeling of freedom and happiness that birds flying in the wilderness experience.