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Popular designs

Shepherd & Neame

Designed by SAA Design | Country: United Kingdom “SAA were tasked with creating a distinctive packaging solution for the Shepherd & Neame

Pablo & Rusty’s

Designed by Manual | Country: United States “Pablo & Rusty’s is an award-winning small-batch coffee roaster based in Sydney, Australia. They strive to

Blue Chair Bay

Designed by Ptarmak, Inc. | Country: United States “Blue Chair Bay is a collection of premium blended rums created onthe beaches of

Brand Design For Rölik Spirit Of Colombia Premium Coffee

“…To make this artwork as authentic and magical as our vision, our team put together a color palette that was as vibrant as the Colombian culture, took the essence of the Colombian geography, and drew it by hand to bring in a raw and unfiltered look…”

Leu Wine

Designed by Die Medienagenten | Country: Germany “Tradition with a new face: Godfather at the naming of the trademark wines of the