Character Agency

Popular designs

Coco Juice

Designed by Blue Marlin | Country: United Kingdom “Brazilian scientist Dr Antonio Martins invented a revolutionary new way of extracting coco juice

Sommer House

Designed by Project M+ | Country: United States “Born of love for her self-proclaimed granola connoisseur husband, Jennifer Sommer’s granola comes from

Curious Nature

Designed by Manifesto Design | Country: Australia “Curious Nature is the entry level range for Merum Estate. For this label the client

Harry Brompton’s

Designed by Cartils | Country: United Kingdom “Unique in the world as a premium alcoholic ice tea, Harry Brompton’s was launched this

JOSEFS Brewery

Designed by Humberto Gregorio | Country: Germany “The JOSEFS Brewery is a small brewery founded in 2002 and located in Sauerland, Germany.