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Popular designs

Elisir di Trabia Olive Oil

Designed by GBX Studio | Country: Italy “Elisir di Trabia is an extra-virgin olive oil produced in Trabia, a small town in Sicily.

The Gorgeous Spice Company Packaging Design

“Though sporting completely individualized typography and layouts, subtle design systems across the 12 packages emerge: A focus on leading with typography in the hierarchy, and repetition of core colors such as pink, red, orange and yellow start to show that each spice blend from The Gorgeous comes from the same creator…”

Elio Di Luca

Designed by Puigdemont Roca | Country: Spain “In a hyper-competitive market, standing out from the competition is crucial. To this end, we decided to show the basic ingredient of each flavour of

Student Work – Freddy Taylor

Designed by Freddy Taylor | Country: United Kingdom “Cullisse (meaning nook of the garden) is a brand new rapeseed oil from the


Designed by StudioIN | Country: Russia “We created a custom bottle with a unique relief and asymmetric shape. The wilderness illustration reflects