Popular designs


Designed by KIRK+MAARBJERG | Country: Denmark “We are two chefs (Mikkel Maarbjerg and Nikolaj Kirk) who since 2007 have worked on our own

Student Work – Samantha Hartill

Designed by Samantha Hartill | Country: United Kingdom “Coffee beans go through a rigorous process to be ‘stripped down to their natural form.’

Xiaomi MI 2

Designed by Xiaomi Tech | Country: China “Xiaomi is a Chinese smart phone company and just launched its 2nd generation smart phone, MI

Student Work – Hamish Smyth

Designed by Hamish Smyth | Country: Australia “I re-branded the Polish Vodka brand Wyborowa. My concept uses hand drawn typography – arching

Laucke Flour

Designed by Black Squid Design | Country Australia Laucke is rich in tradition with a strong history of supplying quality flour to