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Fatto A Mano

Designed by P.S. Studios | Country: United States “Imported from a small family vineyard in the Italian region of Tuscany, this red blend

Pink Glasses

Designed by Luksemburk | Country: Poland “Do you have any doubts that the pink glasses have the amazing power of mood improving? Concept for

Fruene Chocolate

Designed by Tank Design Tromsø | Country: Norway “The brief was to create a full range identity for a popular café in


Designed by Top Drawer Creative | Country: Canada “The task [was] to create the first Year in Review for this newly privatized


Food that’s every bit as simple as a hunter on a carrot is… wait, what?
The equine industry is at a tipping point. Horses are no longer viewed as mere livestock but instead held in the same regard as other domesticated pets. Unfortunately, most food producers in the category do not reflect this shift. Many are still producing food that contains processed ingredients with little to no nutritional value. And their packaging reflects this.