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Popular designs

Stretch Island Fruit Company

Designed by Ptarmak, Inc. | Country: United States “Stretch Island Fruit Company has an extensive line of fruit snacks. They came to us looking


Designed by Ignasi Boza | Country: Spain “Packaging of three bottles of olive oil monovarietales. Each of them identified with a natural element

Intelligentsia Coffee Packaging Design

“Our process uncovered what was important to the founders and to their prospective customers, and emerged with a distinctly compelling brand, catapulting the roaster into a nationally-revered retail brand and café chain.”

Lansdowne Vineyard

Designed by Tass Gyenes | Country: Australia “Lansdowne Vineyard is a small, family-run estate in the Adelaide Hills. As they develop their list there’s

Motley Bird

Designed by STRANGE MATTER | Country: United States | Buy it “Motley Bird is the perfect mix drink for longdrinks and cocktails