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Honey & Mackie’s

Designed by Wink | Country: United States “Honey & Mackie’s is a ice cream shop for kids that caters to parents. The

Alfa Romeo Wine

Alfa Romeo wine? I can’t say I really like the idea of car companies branding products like this, but these bottles with

Helvetica Blu-ray

Designed by Experimental Jetset | Country: The Netherlands “In 2007, we were involved in a documentary about the typeface Helvetica, a movie


Designed by LA+B | Country: Sweden “A 100% fruit smoothie made with love in Sweden. Pictured is the pomegranate, and a limited

Student Work – Vitor Saleh

Designed by Vitor Saleh | Country: United States Thanks to Vitor for sending in some of his student work. Vitor will soon