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Popular designs

Arctic Candy

Designed by Neue | Country: Norway “Sugarfree Arctic Candy are made of berries growing north of the Arctic Circle. Cooled by the arctic

Packaging Design: Uno Coffee

Uno Café partnered with Hassan Ragheb, a Cairo-based brand designer, to create the packaging design of Uno Coffee, highlighting the brand’s premium nature. Hassan created simple illustrations which give the brand a contemporary look.

Schloss Hohenkammer

Designed by Keller Maurer Design | Country: Germany “Gut Eichethof, the manor of Schloss Hohenkammer, is run as a strictly organic farm. Cooking

Pietro Gala

Designed by Fresh Chicken | Country: Russia “Pietro Gala” is a new premium pasta brand, distinguished by handcraft manufacturing and high quality


Designed Anna Leushina | Country: Russia “T-shirts are packaged into recycled beer bottles, the most popular drink in underground culture. The bottles