Hexagon Honey

Popular designs

Vi Novell

Designed by Atipus | Country: Spain “Traditionally, in November, coinciding with the celebration of the slaughtering of the pig, the ‘Vi Novell’ is bottled.

Midnight Moon Artist Box

Designed by Device Creative Collaborative | Country: United States “Piedmont Distillers sponsored music events throughout the summer. They asked us to create a gift

Jardim D’Oliveira

Designed by NTGJ | Country: Portugal “Jardim D’Oliveira aims to be not only a simple and modern olive oil but also a part


Designed by FeedbackMP | Country: Spain “New wine packaging design by FeedbackMP Barcelona for Celistia wine from Costers del Sió winery located in

Sensis Condoms

Designed by Spring Design Partners | Country: United States Define: Uncover white space opportunities and ensure appeal across multiple demographic segments for