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SeedWise: Tiny Seeds Doing Big Things

“After thriving in the bread aisle for 25 years, we felt it was time to take our expert baking skills into the snacking industry. We’re confident that SeedWise will give customers that delicious and actually good for you snack they’ve been searching for in the market…”

Miller High Life – Red White & Blue

Designed by Landor San Francisco | Country: United States “In 2010, Miller High Life reclaimed its status as the iconic American beer. The strategy

Sweet Spain

Designed by Pau Puig | Country: Spain “Sweet Spain is a Spanish company that produces typical sweets native to Spain. The packaging is based on a modular system for the


Country: China | Buy it “Naolab’s signature packaging is inspired by Origami and Majiang. Opening a Naolab package reveals elements of surprise

Green Genius

Designed by Hub Strategy | Country: United States “In designing this packaging, we focused on a couple key things 1) make it