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Designed by Niklas Hessman | Country: Sweden “Upp is a concept for the home-cooked breakfast Värmland, made with organic ingredients. I developed both name and design. The name refers

Lemonies Estate

Designed by Chris Trivizas | Country: Greece “Lemonies estate is an agrotourism unit which is located in the traditional village of Lamyra in

Core Cider

Designed by brainCELLS | Country: Australia | Fonts: Avenir, FF DIN, Mr Dafoe “Core Cider is the latest product from the High

M&S Royal Wedding Biscuit Tin

Designed by Kate Forrester | Country: United Kingdom This vintage-inspired commemorative biscuit tin was created to mark April’s wedding of Prince William


Designed by SDG | Country: Norway | Fonts used: Belizio “Rogaland Konservefabrikk is a small-scale producer that has been attracting devotees in