LL Brown

Popular designs

Chocolate Kiss

Designed by Nadine Geissbühler | Country: Switzerland “Packaging design and naming for the new mini chocolate cake of Kern&Sammet. As chocolate is a

Digestive Wellness

Designed by Christian Hanson | Country: Canada | Fonts used: Gotham Rounded, Handsome Thanks to Canadian designer Christian Hanson for sending us

Adirondack Whisky

Designed by: Joe Farquharson | Country: United States “Brand concept and packaging design for a fictional single malt whisky (spelled with no


Designed by Louise Ridel | Country: France | Fonts used: FF DIN “Far from the alchimist clichés, the strange taste and the

Five Rows Craft Wine

Designed by Insite Design | Country: Canada “We really enjoy designing labels for small batch wines as it opens up so much