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Happy Holidays!

Lovely Package wishes all of our readers a safe and happy holiday.

Coca-Cola x Daft Punk

“Following a successful collaboration with Mika in 2010, soft drink giant Coca-Cola follow-up on some exclusively designed bottles with Coca-Cola “Club Coke.”

Spice Tree Malt Scotch Whisky

Designed by STRANGER & STRANGER | Country: United Kingdom “The maker described the flavours of this individual whisky as ‘psychedelic elegance’. One

Student Work – Omar Tehawkho

Designed by Omar Tehawkho | Country: Israel “These are mock-ups for a packaging concept i came up with for a rebranding project

Pepsi Prestige

Designed by PepsiCo Design & Innovation | Country: United States
“The Prestige Bottle shape reflects the Pepsi heritage by nodding to prior classic glass structures in their most recognizable and simplified form. Its smooth aluminum finish is cool to the touch, communicating the ice-cold refreshment of the product inside. Subtle graphic patterns and vibrant colors capture the eye and differentiate between the brand’s variants.