Mark Kaiser

Popular designs

Student Work – Daniel Diaz

Designed by Daniel Diaz | Country: Australia “The Prince Hotel is one of Australia’s leading boutique hotels situated in St Kilda, Melbourne.

Student Work – Dong Heuk Choi

Designed by Dong Heuk Choi | Country: Australia “Maintain is a premium line of Genever Gin, the preferred Gin of cocktail aficionados,

Shidlas – Saliami Postmodern

Designed by Mother Eleganza | Country: Lithuania “An interesting CD package design by Mother Eleganza for LOWVIBE. “This is the CD package

I Love Elassona

Designed by¬†Sophia Georgopoulou | Country: Greece “For a baby-boy christening ceremony in the city of Elassona (Central Greece), small linen pouches, in

Curious Nature

Designed by Manifesto Design | Country: Australia “Curious Nature is the entry level range for Merum Estate. For this label the client