Popular designs

Student Work – Victoria Abrami

Designed by Victoria Abrami | Country: United States “The redesign of Yarraman Estate’s Barn Buster wines. Each individual bottle represents a unique

Atelier LaDurance

Designed by Stormhand | Country: The Netherlands “Atelier LaDurance is a small scaled, independent French denim label that has the passionate drive

Student Work – Alyssa Phillips

Designed by Alyssa Phillips | Country: United States “I was given the assignment to package a found object inside of a related object.

Yarmarka Platinum

Designed by KIAN | Country: Russia The strong graphics and high value contrast of this packaging ensures it will stand out on

Moonstruck Fortunato

Designed by Sandstrom Partners | Country: United States More great work from Portland based Sandstrom Partners for Moonstruck Chocolatier. Check out some