Popular designs

Di Franco’s

Designed by Dean Harding | Country: United Kingdom “Logo and label design. Notice the ‘wine glass’ in the logo.”

Panda Traditional Soft Liquorice

Designed by Cowan London | Country: United Kingdom “Cowan London have redesigned the packaging for Panda’s traditional soft liquorice, making use of

Maison Orphée

Designed by lg2boutique | Country: Canada “As an importer and producer of exceptional oils and condiments, Maison Orphée is proud to extend its product

Eight Treasures of Happiness

Designed by Victor Branding Design Co. | Country: Taiwan “Eight Treasures of Happiness is all about the people who care for and oversee

The Yorkshire Saucery

Designed by Shark! | Country: United Kingdom | Font: Duffy “Shark! Design & Marketing recently created the brand and packaging for The